ASK number or list list


ASK causes the turtles named in its first argument to execute the commands in its second argument. ASK makes it possible to send commands to a turtle that is not currently active without making it one of the active turtles.

The first argument to ask can be either a single turtle number or a list of turtle numbers. To ASK a turtle it must be defined with the SETTURTLES command.

See also EACH, TELL, TURTLES, and WHO.


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? ASK 10 [ST FD 30]

Turtle 10 moves forward 30 turtle steps.

? ASK 1 \

? [SETORIGIN [50 0]

? ASK [0 1] [ST]

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? ASK [0 1] \

? [REPEAT 4[FD 30 \

? FD 30 RT 90]]


Turtle 0 and 1 draw squares.

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