LOADPIC filename

LOADPIC filename.ext

(LOADPIC filename "FALSE)



LOADPIC loads the file filename.PCX from the disk to the graphics screen. LOADPIC clears the current screen to display the picture file. Note that the file still exists on the disk; only a copy of it has been transferred to the workspace.

Drive specifiers (A:, B:, etc.) can be used with LOADPIC, all colons must be preceeded with backslash (\). If a drive specifier is not used, LOADPIC loads a file from the currently selected drive. Function key F7 is equivalent to LOADPIC when Logo starts.

LOADPIC can load any PCX format file. LOADPIC also loads Windows bitmaps (.BMP) and Windows Placeable Metafiles (.WMF).

By default, the picture is loaded and stretched to fit into the window. If the optional third input FALSE is supplied, the picture is not stretched and the graphics window adjusts to fit the size of the picture.

If LOADPIC is used without any inputs, a dialog box pops up, letting you choose a file to load. The dialog box also pops up if the file name contains any wild card characters like * or ?. In this case, the contents of the dialog box are preset to the file name specification.

See also LOAD, SAVE, and SAVEPIC.



Result: TRUE


Pc logo 33

This is a LOADPIC command example. Its executes "LOADPIC "ARCADE.BMP" command.

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