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SAVEPIC saves data on the graphics screen directly to the disk. SAVEPIC outputs TRUE if the file is successfully saved; otherwise, it outputs FALSE. SAVEPIC saves graphics images in the PCX format. They can be viewed with LOADPIC in Logo or with any other program that uses the PCX format. When you use SAVEPIC, the file name will be appended with the extension .PCX unless you indicate otherwise.

Drive specifiers (A:, B:, etc.) can be used with SAVEPIC, but all colons must be preceded with backslash (\). If a drive specifier is not used, SAVEPIC saves the file to the currently selected drive. Function key F8 is equivalent to SAVEPIC when Logo starts.

If SAVE is used without inputs or if the supplied file name contains wild card characters like ? or *, a dialog box will pop up, letting you select a file name.

Other valid file formats are BMP (Windows bitmap) and WMF (Windows Placeable Metafile).

See also SAVE and LOAD.


Pc logo 47

Did you know its a window of the PC Logo? This is a SAVEPIC command example. Its executes "SAVEPIC "PRETTY.BMP" command.




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