SETBG number



SETBG sets the background color of the graphics screen the color specified by its input. The number is an index into the current palette. The first 16 numbers are predefined as follows:

0 Black 8 Dark Grey
1 Blue 9 Light Blue
2 Green 10 Light Green
3 Cyan 11 Light Cyan
4 Red 12 Light Red
5 Violet 13 Magenta
6 Brown 14 Yellow
7 Light Grey 15 White

If SETBG is used without any inputs, a dialog box pops up, allowing you to pick a background color.

To output the number of the current background color, use BACKGROUND. The current background color displays in current background pattern. See also SETBGPATTERN and BGPATTERN.


Pc logo 52

This is a SETBG command example. Its executes "SETBG 2 BACKGROUND" command.

? SETBG 2 \


Result: 2


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