(SETEXTENT number number)




SETEXTENT defines the coordinate mapping mode in terms of turtle steps. The default is an extent value of zero which means the coordinate system has an aspect ratio of 1:1 regardless of the window size. Painting outside the window in WINDOW mode is possible and the drawings become visible when the window is made larger.

If a different extent is defined, the coordinate system is mapped to the size given regardless of the window size. If an extent value of 200 is set, the coordinates range from -200 to +200. Scaling is performed automatically to fit within the window. If the window is resized, the drawing automatically adjusts to fit within the new size according to the value given to SETEXTENT.

If two inputs are given to SETEXTENT and both the command and its inputs are enclosed in parentheses, then the first input is the extent for the X axis while the second input is the extent for the Y axis. (SETEXTENT) or SETEXTENT 0 restores an extent of 1:1. SETEXTENT "PRINTER sets both the extent and the window format to the current printer paper size.

See also EXTENT.




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