SETPC number



SETPC selects a pen color for all active turtles. The color number is an index into the current pallet. The first 16 colors are predefined as follows:

0 Black
1 Blue
2 Green
3 Cyan
4 Red
5 Violet
6 Brown
7 Light Grey
8 Dark Grey
9 Light Blue
10 Light Green
11 Light Cyan
12 Light Red
13 Magenta
14 Yellow
15 White

If SETPC is used without inputs, a dialog box pops up, allowing you to pick a color. Use PENCOLOR to obtain the current pen color.


Pc logo 58

It's similar than FORWARD 20, but can you see the color? Bye-bye, SETPC 0!

? FD 10


? FD 10


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