(SETSHAPE list list list list)



SETSHAPE redefines the shape of the active turtle(s). Each turtle has four definable shapes, representing headings in ranges of 22.5 degrees. (The computer automatically generates the remaining shapes necessary to position the turtle(s) in a full 360 degree range.) Each of the lists given as input to SETSHAPE defines the turtle's shape through four ranges from HEADING 0 to HEADING 90 in that order.

If SETSHAPE is used with no arguments and enclosed in parentheses, the original turtle shape is restored for all active turtle(s).

Each list to define a turtle shape contains up to 32 numbers in the range of 0 to 255.

See also SHAPE.


The following procedure changes the turtle shape to a rocket.


SETSHAPE [1 0 3 128 7 192 7 192 7 192 7 192 7 192 7 192 7 192 7 192 7 192 15 224 31 240 63 248 5 6\

4 4 64]

Pc logo 60

The Turtle is Very different. You use (SETSHAPE). Bye-Bye, Turtle!


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